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This year’s epic Pyromania event on September 19th 2020 is being organized, operated and managed by the same people – the Cedar Lake Cellars Production Team – that managed the event over the last several years, the same team that has partnered with companies to host and operate all Signature Events, such as Spring Fling, Fall Fest and more.

Our Mission and Vision is clear, we are continuing to develop the Mecca of fireworks in not just the Midwest, but the entire USA.

Missouri Pyrotechnic Association will not be involved with our event this year.  We are proud to announce that, going forward, we have chosen to partner with a Pyrotechnics Company that not only puts on an innovative and spectacular fireworks display, but is fully insured and licensed so as to ensure the safety of our guests.

As the world grows and improves so do we!
For the last 10 years we’ve been known as a high-quality establishment that provides first-class experiences and this year will be no different. Thank you for your continued support.

– Your team at Cedar Lake Cellars