Resolution of Lawsuit

Resolution of Cedar Lake Cellars / MoPyro Lawsuit

October 25, 2021 – On behalf of the Cedar Lake Cellars, we are happy to share with our fans that MoPyro and Cedar Lake Cellars have settled the lawsuit regarding the Pyromania trademark and several other issues and look forward to the future of our Pyromania event. As a result of this mutually agreed-upon resolution, Cedar Lake Cellars will retain all legal rights in and to the Pyromania and Feel The Boom trademarks for our annual display, and MoPyro will retain all legal rights in and to the Sky Wars trademark for their annual display. A protracted legal battle was not in either party’s best interest, and we are collectively satisfied with this settlement and feel it is fair and equitable for both parties.

As part of the settlement, both sides have agreed not to disparage each other.  Thus, Cedar Lake Cellars is requesting that our fans do not disparage MoPyro, the Sky Wars event and any of their affiliates or their efforts going forward. To ensure that we remain in full compliance with the agreement of the parties, we urge everyone to refrain from making any negative comments on social media or any other platforms about MoPyro or the Sky Wars event.

Carl Bolm,
Proprietor, Cedar Lake Cellars